Bootup freeze


When I turn my computer on it goes through the start up phase. Then it says starting Ms-Dos. When Dos is finished it gives me the Windows page(the screen shows the WINDOWS SYMBOL), then it goes blank. The cursor is in the Dos screen mode, and my keyboard locks up. I have no idea what is wrong with it. I have to turn the computer off and press f-8, or f-5 on the start-up until I get a cursor then I will type in win, or windows and nothing happens. Next I'll type in "Win Setup", and it tells me the Microsoft (something) must be present. If I type in my directory it brings up everything in my C: drive, and windows is included, but it will not start. Please help!


This question was answered on October 18, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You have several things you can try to find the source of your problem With a clear error message I could be more direct in trouble shooting your bootup problems Answer these few questions to your self first, please

1 Did I add anything new just prior to the problem start date? Was I trying to play a game or other memory hog program? Have you scanned for a virus if you are internet active? Have you downloaded Windows Updates and patches for your system? Do you have the original installation disks or CD's?

You say you can get a Dos prompt and see the root directory At the DOS prompt type MDS.exe (This is a utility that checks out your system and reports on screen to you facts about your computer and software You can also try scandisk, and defrag to correct a corrupt file

You can insert the original setup disks and reinstall a fix not a new installation This will allow any corrupt files to be corrected and any important operation files that you accidentally deleted to be added back onto your hard drive Without writting over the information you have saved to hard drive You can learn about Windows 95 and some tips for tweaked performance from the following web site.


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Posted by Michelle of Mesa Community College on October 18, 2002