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Modem hangs when leaving internet


I am using windows xp home edition... after formating my computer the modem did not work. i went back to my dealer and got a cd which they installed. It worked. However since then my computer has been hanging most of the time when it disconnects from the internet. When it disconnects, well the line seems engaged when i pick up the telephone line and try to hear from it... the computer does not respond. however if there is any music played... usually there is still music coming out of it... including when i watch win tv. I do not really use all these programs at once.

I am using the program kazza to download things i wonder if that could be the casue of it too.... however when even without using kazaa, my computer still hangs occasionally...


This question was answered on October 19, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Kazaa does some very unusual things to computers It is known to contain a trojan horse in some case In other cases it will send info from your computer out.

The music you hear on the phone Is it from your internet connection you just closed or is it on the phone line in the back ground all the time while talking on the phone and when using your WIN TV?

If you hear the back ground music when using the phone It is a phone line (wires leading up to your phone wall jack from the main box usually out side)causing the computer hangups and disconnection problem

Plug a phone directly into the phone jack bypassing the computer modem and listen Do you hear chatter, music or back ground noise? Press one number to stop the dial tone and listen again If you hear others talk, music or static sounds have the phone company do a line check for cross-talk line noise The cause of old materials used to wire an older home or apartment, static from other electrical sources or other wires near your phone line leading up to your interior connection.

If the line is clear and free from noise of any kind plug the line back into your computers modem Make sure you have all of the latest Windows Updates and patches and most current drivers

You can turn off your modems compression option as they usually have thier own non standard protcols for compression (US ROBOTIC)

You may also need to disable caller ID and call waiting prior to using your modem.

Closing your browser does not disconnect you from the internet per say Closing say AOL or NETZERO network connection takes a minute or two usually It is not immediate because they update your computer program files,send you advertisments and things before they cut you off from the connection.

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Posted by Michelle of Mesa Community College on October 19, 2002