Theree is a lack in the memory manager.


Hello sir/maam,

i have probelms formatting my hard drive.

ok basically i know how to format my computer, ive done it before...this is my story this time:

i get boot disk like usual...and go to restart and when it recognizes my boot disk, i chose restart computer without CD support. ok now im in dos...i type format C:(like i always did before). but for some reason it said insufficent memory! i have like 26 gigs free on the harddrive so i dont know why its telling me i dont have enough memory so im thinking that its something else...can you help me? how do u fix this? thanks


This question was answered on October 21, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.


Problem:This is caused by the lack of the memory manager loaded at boot and your pc can only access the first 1mg of ram memory.There are two possible solutions:

1 omit the /s switch when formatting this is done by typing format c: and then enter.

Then when the format is complete, manually add the system files to your hard drive by using this command sys c: hit enter.

2 you will need to load a memory manager in order to overcome this issue not knowing what os boot disk you are using is an issue here.However, windows 98 bootdisk loads a memory manager, so let us assume it is either windows 95 or earlier You also need to add the himem.sys to your boot disk and then modify your config.sys file on the bootdisk download himem.sys 10K unzip the file to your bootdisk and add this line in the config.sys(make this the first line)Device=himem.sys

3 now, reboot your computer with the bootdisk and it should work fine!!!!

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Posted by Dan of Mesa Community College on October 21, 2002