Varouis beeps mean different things


My sister's computer was hit by lightning. She had a Dell technician come out and he said she needed another video card. She bought it and I installed it but the computer still does not work. The new card worked fine on my machine. Also her computer starts beeping like crazy when you start it and I noticed a weird smell emiting from hers.


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I know it might be hard, but try and count how many times the computer beeps at start-up.Here is a listing of what might be wrong with your computer by the number of beeps you might hear:

1 beep= refresh failure, restart your computer and if the problem persist,replace the memory.

2 beeps= Parity error, same deal restart your computer if the problem persist replace the memory.

3 beeps= same as above

4 beeps= timer not operational Replace the motherboard, it would cost too much to repair.

5 beeps= processor error replace the check the cpu,if problem persist, then you have a bad CPU or motherboard.

6 beeps= 8042 gate A20 error= check the keyboard for loose or broken connections.problem can be caused by the cmos, or a bad keyboard controller chip.

7 beeps= processor exeception failure an interupt error,your best bet is to purchase a new motherboard, or consider buying a new computer.You can buy a computer dirt cheap!!!

8 beeps=display memory rea/write error:replace the display adapter

9 beeps= ROM checksum error= replace the motherboard

10 beeps= CMOS shutdown regesiter failure,read/write error.replace the CMOS or motherboard

11 beeps= cache memory badyou can bypass this in the rom bios setup temporary fix and the motherboard will need to be sent in for repair

Be aware that having been hit by lightening that the machine may never run properly again.

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Posted by Dan of Mesa Community College on November 7, 2002