Verifying pdm. OS will not come up for new PC owner/user


first of all i hardly know anything about computers when i first turn on my computer in which i got just a week ago it comed on as Monitor Hardware and shows cpu tempature and all sorts of other tthings that are along in that area

on ahe bottom it says "verifying pdm" what is going on? it doesn't go to any other screen and i checked all of the memory cards and i even unplugged it and replugged to see if everything was hooked up correctly and it still didn't work.


This question was answered on November 1, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

If this was a new purchase please return it to the mfg/builder, otherwise try the following.

The pdm stands for Physical Data Model so the operating system could be looking for your monitor specification and compatible drivers Double check your cabling on the monitor and the hard drive Check your hard drive ribbon cable to make sure the pin 1 is in the 1 position The color strip on the ribbon cable indicates pin one on the cable and on the drive it is usually the closes to the power plug on the back of the drive.(white small 4 hole plug leading from the power supply)

While you power on your computer continualy press F10 for the CMOS setup program or F1 for help files.

If you have the original Operating Systems disks or CD's you may want to put it in the drive and try to boot from the floppy or installation CD

Pressing F5 will boot your computer in safe mode All that means is the drivers are not loaded when you power up This will help you decide if you have a hardware problem or software problem We need more information before we can point to an exact problem Good Luck

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Posted by Michelle of Mesa Community College on November 1, 2002