When the bios cannot find the boot sector or the master boot record is missing o


I was getting a disk controller error 1782. Now I am getting a non system disk error and there is no floppy. We have tried to boot the hard drive on 3 different PC's. Also tried a boot disk. The client who owns this pc has no backups.


This question was answered on November 6, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.


You might have to remove the noide entry form the registry this is how you do it.

1 select noide.inf found in the \tools\MTsutil folder on the 98 CD.

2 Right-click noide.inf or hold down the shift key and press the F10 function key.

3 choose install form the context menu to remove the noide entry.

4 after you update the registry,restart windows 98 Windows 98 will then attempt to initalize the protected-mode driver for the controller.If no problems occur, the file system and vitrual memory will operate in 32-bit mode and device manager will not display an explanantion point in a yellow circle for the IDE channels.

What actually causes a non system disk error:

1 When the BIOS cannot find the boot sector or the master boot record is missing or damaged.The bios searches the drives in the order usually specified in the cmos setup.Other causes include:

1 no bootable partion.

2 a defective hard disk

3 defective floppy

4 virus

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Posted by Dan of Mesa Community College on November 6, 2002