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RAM types


Ok, I just went to the shop to buy some memory... They told me that i need to know if I have a 100, or 133.... What does that mean.

I bought my Compaq in 2000. Which do I have?

NOt for sure, about the gig


This question was answered on November 25, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

There are many different types of memory in the computer industry RAM(Random Access Memory) is the type of memory your computer uses to store information for short periods of time Purchasing RAM is commonly done to increase performance or speed To learn which type of RAM your computer requires, you should consult your computer documentation RAM referred to as 100 or 133 is generally called PC100 or PC133 in stores, but your computer may have these or one of many others for that matter If your documentation is not available you will have to identify your computer's motherboard (the main circuit board in the computer casing) You will need to find the model name (ASUS, Intel, etc) and the model number printed on the board Once you have these you can contact the manufacturer A list of manufactures and their web addresses is

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Posted by nicholas of Scottsdale Community College on November 25, 2002