How keep Scandisk from restarting


Whenever I start ScanDisk I get the message: ScanDisk has restarted 10 times because Windows or another program.....

I have checked your data base and Microsoft's data base and both have this message with how to get around it. However, what I am trying to find out is "what program" is running that causes this. I have done what you and Microsoft suggest to get everything stopped, but something is still running. And, I can easily see this by the fact that every 20 seconds or so something causes my harddrive-active indicator light to light up. I have been told that it sounds like a virus scan process, but I've eliminated everything I can that might be associated with virus scan programs but whatever it is still keeps executing.

There must be some way to tell specifically all that is active on my system, even if it only executes about every 20 seconds.


Gary Glatting

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This question was answered on November 25, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

There may still be programs that loaded you are not aware of

Those programs are usually loaded in the background and are shown in the system tray (the icons next to the clock on the bottom right-hand corner) First make sure that all those programs are exited or disabled Right click on top of the icons will bring up a menu of options to either close or disable those programs

I also found that the screen saver starting has a tendency to restart the scandisk program, so turn that off also To do that right-click anywhere on the Windows desktop (off on an icon) and selecting "Properties" will bring up the Display Properties window Click on the "Screen Saver" tab, set the screen saver to "[None]", and click "OK".

Scandisk should be able to run without restart at a great frequency.

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Posted by Jonathan of Scottsdale Community College on November 25, 2002