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Why Won't My CD Drive Work?



My problemat myhome cmputer whihc is windows XP is that when i try to copy song's from kazaa shared folder is that when i click copy to audio cd is that is syas there is no CD inserted into the cd r; drive. But i have a re writable cd inserted in here? the orange button somtimes flashes and mumors slighty but then this is all that happens?

what can i do to help this problem? please email back.

(i am new to computers so in your simplest term please!)

Many thanks



This question was answered on November 26, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Frankly, from the degree of "newness" to computers I sense in your note, I can only recommend other sources of information.

First, I would recommend any documentation which may have come with your PC There are generally "Quick Start" or beginners guides which cover the basics of computer operation.

Review and documentation which came with your CD Writing software Read through any "help" files that may be installed on the computer, and read over the software vendor's web site.

Be certain any disk inserted into the CD writer has the label facing up, and that the drive bay door is "closed."

From the age of your computer, and the fact that Packard Bell is no longer in the US market, I have to wonder if you might be encountering problems with your CD burner, itself These units go out of alignment, collect dirt, and generally lose their ability to function reliably over time, especially older units, which yours seems to be.

It might be best to run your PC past a qualified technician for evaluation Upgrades or repairs may very well be necessary.

Kazaa has a very good "FAQ", or "Frequently Asked Questions" page on their website Reviewing the information is a good idea.

Try a different brand or new package rewritable CD's Remember, do not touch the surface of any CD The ability of a machine to play or record disks with fingerprints may be severely impaired Also, be cautious not to scratch any CD's surface Always keep Compact Disks in a protective case or jacket when not in use.

Take time to experiment and become familiar with your equipment Computers can be very complex machines, and are often not intuitive in the way they act Given time and patience, I'm sure you will become a real expert!

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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on November 26, 2002