Why Does Eudora Crash my PC?


I use Windows ME on a 2 year old Dell Insperon 3800 computer. I use Eudora Pro version 4.2. Problem is that Eudora "fails to respond" if it has been running for an hour or so. Only way out is to restart the computer.


Andy Brumbaugh

Florence, AZ


This question was answered on November 28, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Eudora seems to like a whole lot of elbow room, having a reputation as a resource and memory hog I see by your profile you have plenty of memory in your PC, but resources are something else again

Many times, the reason people use special e-mail applications are because they are in a situation where they receive or send a lot of e-mail Most people, having relatively little e-mail, go the route of simply using Outlook or Outlook express Having no real life, I happen to be one of those relatively friendless types, myself Of course, Outlook has also been known to crash a few machines.

Besides, long ago, I decided to lay my resentments against Microsoft aside and use whatever applications are integrated (to whatever degree) with their operating system There are lots of reasons for this Memory management is only one of them.

See what happens if you run your session while trying to keep open windows to a minimum, especially the ones that are open within the Eudora program itself.

Allowing a lot of messages to accumulate in the "In" or "Out" boxes has also been reported to be a problem There's an option within Eudora with the oblique title of "Close messages with Mailbox"

Try turning it on.

Choose "Options" or "Settings" from the "Tools" or "Special" menu, then "Miscellaneous" - "Close Messages with Mailbox" and "OK"

Also, in the in the "Checking mail" category of the same dialog-box, you can choose to leave mail on the server, rather than on your local machine Keeps Eudora's arms empty in order to do other things.

Good Luck.

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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on November 28, 2002