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Why Does My Browser Homepage Reset Itself?

Posted By : Robert of Mesa Community College on December 3, 2002

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I set my home page to a desired page and everytime the systems restarts it will change to

How Do I get this to stop. I delate the cookies and the address from the Internet property homepage and reset the default but nothing seems to stop this from reappearing. Please help


This question was answered on December 3, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I visited, myself Though just recovering from a virus attack which must have been initiated by Satan himself, I hate to go anywhere on the net these days without my mother.

I immediately noted the GoHip site touting membership and a 7.0 software version to download Being the suspicious sort, I typed "GoHip Spyware" into Google.

Your browser is probably being reset constantly because you, my friend, set yourself up for it.

The internet bubble, otherwise know as "The POP Heard 'round the World." created an opportunity for marketeers to hire some of the finest web developers in the world for bargain prices These days, the web is loaded with seemingly helpful services which take over PC functionality like Attila the Hun racing through Gaul.

Here's what you can do to stave off the Barbarians, at least for now:

First, put aside the better part of next weekend to uninstall GoHip You can find directions at:

Next, download and install a free program called AdAware You can find it at I would not count on AdAware to unstall GoHip by itself A "browser supplement" is installed by GoHip, which causes your problem Also, while you blithely surf the net, GoHip follows your every move.

Always do a search before installing, or even downloading anything from the net Try entering "GoHip Spyware" yourself into Google for a little light reading -- about a day's worth Substitute "GoHip" in your Google search for anything you would like to download in the future and see if it, too, is spyware.

I've worked on PC's -- FAST PC's -- which have been slowed to a crawl by all the free, virus-like adware which is pushed over the net these days Suggestion is for the good public to educate themselves It really is becoming a problem.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on December 3, 2002

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