Why Does my Upgrade Shut Down?


I am trying to upgrade my motherboard and cpu. I have a Amd 1.1ghz cpu and atx board and after installing memory hard drive floppy and video card the system booted up just fine on the first time. Once I shut down the computer normally in windows 98 it shuts down properly. The next time I turn the computer back on it comes on for a second and than shuts down almost as if a fuse blows.I try to reset and boot it up again but it still does not start. If I clear the CMOS and start it up again it works just fine. I have tried changing the battery and upgrading the bios but none of this works. I have tried to change systems settings and that does not seem to make a difference either. There are very few jumpers on the board (Chaintec 7aja2e)and they all seem to be set properly. Hope that you know something that I am missing here.

Thanks Dave


This question was answered on December 5, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

A number of red flags here:

First, there is no guarantee, nor is it recommended that Windows will run reliably once a new motherboard and CPU have been installed I know some people will argue this, but I spent a lost weekend with a friend of mine over just such a problem Reinstall.

Second, recheck those jumpers Is there a dip switch which calls out a certain CPU voltage? Check that, too.

How about your power supply? Most upgrades require more power Are you certain your power supply is adequate?

Check the CPU Fan Did you get a good fan with your processor? Did you install the proper thermal paste or thermal pad with your new CPU? Shutdowns can be caused by overheating Also, should you remove the heat sink for any reason, new paste or a new pad are recommended.

If none of this works, I would be suspicious of the motherboard or BIOS chip Be sure the jumper which resets the bios is properly positioned, and the CMOS battery is properly inserted.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on December 5, 2002