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Why does my Find New Hardware wizard keep launching?


Why is there a "? Other Devices" in the Device Manager next to "!PCI Device"? I upgraded from ME to Win2000 and now everytime I reboot the "Add New Hardware Wizard" launches. There is nothing in the PCI slot except a modem, sound card and a video card; which all have been installed correctly and are working properly. Even when I remove all cards from the PCI slots I still receive the "Add New Hardware Wizard". I tried loading the drivers from the restore CD but no drivers are ever found. Please Help!



This question was answered on December 9, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Win2000 uses different drivers than Windows ME or '98 did Loading them from your Gateway restore CD's won't work You'll have to visit the websites of the manufacturers of your plug-in cards and get new drivers taylored for Win2000.

Start with your video driver With all your cards uninstalled, you must have gotten the display you describe with at least one device in place, and that has to be the one

Then, let the Add New Hardware wizard take one last crack at each of the others If it can't identify them properly, use the Windows 2000 CD, or find drivers online.

If you have trouble identifying cards, use the FCC ID number printed on each one Do a Google search to find the website Often, cards are so generic, the FCC ID is the only way they can be identified.

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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on December 9, 2002