Why do I get a blank screen when I boot?


Totally Blank screen when computer is switched on.

took it apart and put it back together again.

still the same problem. could it be that i need to wipe the cmos? if so...how do i do it without a manual for the motherboard.

ps. cant find the battery either!


This question was answered on December 9, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I doubt it's your CMOS or battery Besides, a lot of PC's these days use something called a "Solid State Battery" which is not replacable Also, you can't reflash CMOS without a good display.

A blank screen should be investigated as follows:

Is the power supply fan spinning? Is the machine plugged in? Since you took the computer apart, is the power switch connected? Is there a second power switch on the back of the PC? Is it turmed on?

Does the hard drive spin? There should be a gentle vibration and the sound of the heads repositioning at start-up, plus the hard drive LED ought to indicate the drive is accessing.

Does the PC beep when you turn it on? One short beep is usually a sign it's not the computer itself If it begins beeping in some strange fashion, consult the motherboard manufacturer's website, or the manual under "Post Code Errors".

Is the microprocessor fan spinning? If not, you may have smoked the processor.

Does the floppy drive access? If not, it could be another indication of a bad power supply.

Does the monitor work with another PC? Is the monitor cable in good shape?

If the monitor's OK, suspect a bad power supply, or video card.

If you've gotten this far, try the video card in a different slot, if possible

Next step would be to either try a different video card, or take a trip to the repair shop.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on December 9, 2002