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Toshiba laptop startup error


Dear Folk

I am getting an error message at start-up that says

Not recognized error 113h

If you could help that would be great

Cheers Phil


This question was answered on December 9, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

This is a pretty hard call without sitting down at the machine and seeing how it is operating.

I did a Google search on the brand of laptop you report, along with that error code The most frequent response I got had to do with a video error.

First, I would boot the laptop in Safe Mode This is assuming it boots at all Press F8 while the machine is booting This will start the laptop without most of the various drivers If the error goes away, it would reinforce that the problem is probably video related.

Be certain you are running with video drivers provided for your machine by Toshiba (your brand manufacturer) This would be especially true if you have reinstalled the operating system since the machine was new, especially with a copy of Windows which did not come with the PC.

Next be sure your computer is configured in what is called "native resolution" That is, the PC is configured at the resolution the display was designed for You'll have to consult your manual for this information, or Toshiba's website, but it's probably 800X600.

Also, check the device manager and see if there are any event icons, which appear as an exclamation point in a yellow circle This would indicate a memory, driver, or IRQ conflict.

On the outside, it may be a BIOS problem, or a bad memory module Again, you will have to consult Toshiba's information to upgrade or renew your BIOS program.

Toshiba has an instant response service connected with their service and support department Navigate to it from

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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on December 9, 2002