Why won't my PC stand-by?


Stand-by mode is not standing by!

After I put my machine on stand-by, it restarts after a few seconds--but the screen remains black, with a light blinking in the upper left-hand corner. I have Windows 98SE. I have just added MSN as my new internet provider.

(At first, the machine acted as normal. Then it started

acting up--so perhaps the MSN is not the problem? Or

maybe it is?) When I click control-alt-delete, I see that I have Explorer,LoadQM,Rundll,3dmoused, Systray,Msgloop, and Msg32 running. I have tried deleting some of these, but with no effect. Now the only way I have to turn off the machine is to shut it down completely, instead of using stand-by.

But is there some feature I have inadvertently started

which is preventing stand-by from functioning?



This question was answered on December 10, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Sadly, stand-by, or sleep mode rarely seems to work strictly as advertised Even if I am leaving my PC for just a half-hour or so, I do a proper shut-down It's good for flushing the memory, and has no ill effects on the computer It even saves electricity!

LoadQM has a bad reputation, and yes, it may have come with MSN I doubt it's the nefarious traitor some seem to think, but I would offload it Visit this website for more information: http://www.infopackets.com/freenewsarticles/loadqm.exe.htm

The Mouseware I see you are running is another red flag I would uninstall it I have not seen mouseware necessary as a piece of software on a PC since back in the days of DOS Besides, it often comes with screen blanker or other options which can crash into your stand-by mode.

After doing the above, if you are getting good results with stand-by

mode, you should be restored to functionality, so enjoy!


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on December 10, 2002