Were can I find Macintosh Support?


Are there any sites like yours with geeks that cater to the (no snickering) Macintosh market?

Do you know of any syndicated radio shows that are Macintosh literate?

If you have any good info, tell us Mac dudes about it on your Saturday show as well as e-mailing me with your findings, if you would, please. Thanks, guys.

Dave in Phoenix


This question was answered on December 10, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Don't discount going to the source of your equipment


is an excellent site.

Also, there are the newsgroups Most can be accessed from a browser these days, which is a good thing, since many internet providers won't support access to newsgroups.

Next, I'll point you in the same direction I go for help

Go to Google.com and use the words Macintosh Help as your search criteria Also, run Macintosh Newsgroup for information on how to access those.

Run Macintosh Support through Google, as well

If you have a specific problem, think it down to three to six words, then run those words through Google Try to use words as unique to your problem or question as you can think of Avoid frequently used terms.

If your search results seem not specific enough, or scattered, try surrounding specific phrases or portions of your search with quotation marks in order to make them unique Google will then return results with the words in quotes appearing together and in order Here's an example:

macintosh "hard drive" error

One more thing When your results are returned, whenever available, click on the "Cached" link next to Google search results Your specific search criteria will then be highlighted on the page, and in color!

And yes, there is even a Macintosh radio show Visit OSXFAQ.com or http://www.randommaccess.com/news/1036214760.shtml for details.

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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on December 10, 2002