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Why are my mp3's renamed?

Posted By : Robert of Mesa Community College on December 10, 2002

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My mp3 files suddenly changed to mu3 files. How can I get my audio files back to mp3?

This question was answered on December 10, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I would have to call an error like that very rare, but impossible might be a better term.

First, save all your data Keep it as separate from those mp3 files as possible Save data files to floppies, zip disks, or CD's Don't forget your internet favorites.

There are so many viruses going around these days that I feel myself getting paranoid Still, that would have to be my first suspicion Either that, or someone renamed your files, either by accident or on purpose So many clandestine acts occur with certain illegal mp3 files, that I cannot keep up, but I've heard of people renaming them to keep other services from finding and deleting them.

Run at least one of the online virus checks available would be a good place to start Do a Google search to set you in the right direction, as there are several online virus checks You may need to run more than one.

If you do have a virus, it is probably spread throughout your machine Advising you to hunt it down and isolate it, is the best I can do Write down every detail any virus checker gives you, then do a Google search on any named viruses and see if you can find additional online advice on how to get rid of them

If you do not already have up-to-date virus software installed on your computer, now would be a good time to go for a free trial version such as can be found at

Next, try and rename one of the files To enable this, right click start > click explore > view > options > show file extensions

View file details, as well If all your files were renamed at the same moment in time, try and note what you were doing during that period.

Next, right click one of your files and rename the extension.

Once changed, see if the renamed file can be played

Be absolutely certain that no additional file extension has been added to any mp3 file Especially something with a .com .exe or .vbs extension Chances are, such a file would contain a copy of the virus, if that is indeed what did your renaming.

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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on December 10, 2002

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