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Who or what is redirecting my browsers?


When I enter my search criteria into my web browser, I have the following web page show up in my browser box... It doesn't matter what browser I attempt to use, the same page appears. How can I restore my browser back to it's original state?




This question was answered on December 11, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I called up that page, and it's just one of those independent portals I see nothing indicating any spyware application, but you imply you have more than one browser I take that to mean you are using both Internet Explorer and something else, like maybe Netscape or Opera.

I'll take this methodically.

First, in IE, click tools > options In the blue field at the top of the window which appears, type your favorite home page I use

Click on Apply > OK

See if this resets your browser.

If it doesn't, you have probably opted into some adware application along the way.

Adware, which is similar to, or includes spyware, is internet software that monitors your movements on the net for purposes of marketing, and targets you for advertisements or sets up certain options which direct you to various sites like the portal.

You'll need to uninstall whatever you or someone else installed on your PC which is resetting your browser options. has instructions which will point you in the direction of eliminating this particular problem Do a Google search on xrenoder and look for their entry, as the URL is too long to enter here.

What you'll have to do, apparently, is download and run a program called BHODemon which will scan your registry for the offending settings BHODemon can be found at

Also, download a copy of AdAware from It scans for and eliminates some, but not all, adware applications.

Before downloading and installing any helper apps, games, browsers or utility programs from the internet, run a Google search Include the name of the program, along with the term "spyware" to to your search criteria.

Where there are spyware applications, there is somebody on the Net blowing the whistle on them.

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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on December 11, 2002