How can I save graphics files?

Posted By : Robert of Mesa Community College on December 16, 2002

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I use MSIE6 as my browser. For some reason, whenever I go to save a graphic file on-line, it shows up saved as a generic file, dispite my selecting either ".jpg" or ".bmp" from the drop-down in the "save as..." window. I can go in and manually add the .jpg extension to each file and then my other applications can work with it as a .jpg, but this is a drag.

Is there some way to configure either Windows 98 or IE6 to understand that I want files saved as .jpgs when I select that extension?

Thanks in advance!

This question was answered on December 16, 2002. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I suspect the only real problem you are having, is not being able to see the file extension.

Generic file? Not actually Windows will always save a file as a certain type Generally, as the same type it originally was, even if it's an internet image One can, however, add more than one file extension to a file if this is not understood, but only the final extension will indicate to Windows what type of file it is actually dealing with.

To save an image file from a website, right click on the image, then click "Save Picture As" You will be able to choose where on your computer you would like it saved, and the bottom of the windows will indicate a file type which, by default, will be the same as the original file.

To see file extensions for files already saved on your PC, click Start > Explore > View > Details

To see the file attributes for an individual file, right-click the file, then click on "properties".

Default settings for file views as well as default programs which open a file type are all settings which can be adjusted Your help files will offer valuable advice, as will

Google is programmed to point to internet sites in order of popularity, so the most common advice is always readily at your fingertips.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on December 16, 2002

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