How to get back to the setting before you installed the fan?


The fan was going bad in my power supply(235w) so I replaced it with a antec true 430w. When I started pc, everything seemed fine until I tried my dvd-rom drive. Went into (my computer) and only my cd-burner(f:drive) was there. The dvd drive ie (e:drive). Checked device manager,and only (f) drive listed. Opened box and checked cable, unplugged and plugged,started again, no luck! Went into safe mode. and the dvd drive(e) is shown twice! Only difference between dup drives is in settings (target id# 0, 1), so I removed from device manager, the 0 version. What is the target id#? Restart machine and went to (my computer) and there was dvd-rom drive! It worked!!!!!!!!!!! Next morning, started machine, no (e) drive! Did a restart and drive is there! What I'm trying to say is the machine only see dvd when you restart machine, not first start. What is different between a first start,and restart, and why just replacing power supply would do this? Thanks, Charlie


This question was answered on March 5, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

What i would like you to do this do a system restore by:

going to start, run then in the box type MSCONFIG and then click launch system restore and follow the prompts and then when you get to the calander pick the day before you installed the fan and this will bring back your settings.

aslo you should have delete the 1 not the 0 that is from were it is seen.

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Posted by linda of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 5, 2003