Why can't I install my OS?


Had some trouble with my OS so I decided to format hard drive and reload Windows ME. At the end of the install, errors came up indicating certain files not loading. Subsequent tries - same problem. Tried loading Windows XP - same problem. After several attempts to load, my onboard virus protection indicating a virus in boot sctor of hard drive. I installed a new hard drive, first attemtp to load Windows XP and had problems again, this time says unable to load some certain files. Subsequent retry resulted again in a Virus in Boot sector warning again.

Why can't I load any operating system into my comp now? Is this a memory problem? Is there actually a virus? I ran Norton Virus program from CD Rom and it finds no virus on hard drive or memory. Does memory hold virus if there was one? This is a weird problem.

As it stands I am unable to load any operating system into my computer. With either Windows ME or Windows XP, a problem continually comes up saying that certain files, are not loading. If you choose to ignore this warning then the installation stops. Also, after several tries of this, a warning comes up from my Trend-Away Virus Protection that a virus is in the hard disc boot section. Checks from Norton directly from the Norton Disc indicate NO virus at all.

Please help!!


This question was answered on January 9, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Let's follow the old adage "First things first."

Most PC BIOS setups include a setting for virus protection It will, indeed, indicate a problem if a new operating system is being installed, or if anything tries to modify the boot sector of your boot drive.

Access the BIOS setup and turn virus protection off Consult your manual.

Sony restore disks or any other installation CD's have been known to go bad Something to consider.

CD ROM drives which are bad can drive a person nuts, and prevent OS installation.

Considering these facts, take a deep breath and begin again Stop at the first sign of trouble and address that single item before going on to anything else Be sure to have the system manual present, and any other pertinent information.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 9, 2003