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Why does my dialup report no dial tone?


When trying to do dialup it says no dial tone. I was told it had to do with my modem. What could be the cause?


This question was answered on January 9, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The comment you are seeing is probably generated by a program such as the one your ISP uses to dial onto the internet with, and it could indeed point to a modem which is either bad, or not configured properly.

Your profile states you have a Gateway PC, so chances are, you received the modem when you bought your PC

Take a gander at the listing for your modem under Device Manager Look for a yellow and black event icon, indicating a problem.

Generally, the problem is a bad or corrupt driver, an IRQ conflict, or a memory conflict; all are not difficult to resolve, and if they are, usually point to a bad modem Line noise, voltage spikes, and, in my case, problems with itinerant gofers chewing on my telephone lines, can all be fatal to modems

Thankfully, modem replacements these days are pretty inexpensive.

I see you use Windows 2000 I find actually uninstalling the modem before trying to reconfigure, then rebooting, makes reinstallation a lot easier.

Best place to begin might be at Gateway's online support site A little reading and background ought to put your Gateway PC on the road to Internet happiness in no time at all Here's the URL:


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 9, 2003