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How do I upgrade my HP memory?


Okay. i put in a stick of pc-100 sdram and it doesn't sense it when the computer starts up. i have switched the ram between the slots and all. no difference. before this i had a problem with a stick of 256 pc-133 will sense that in my computer but it also conflicts with it. but it wont sense any other ram besides the original that came with it. a stick of 128 and which i need alot more. Please help me, my problems with some games are killing me and until i get 900 dollars im not getting a new computer.


This question was answered on January 9, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Might be time to get out the old manual and figure out what your PC really needs.

PC 100 RAM is not the same as PC133 Some PC's will accommodate both, but will default to a lower bus speed when PC 100 is installed.

All the details are in that manual.

Should you not have the manual, chances are you can find it online Do a Google search using the make, model number or FCC ID located on the motherboard.

I see by your profile, you have an Hewlett Packard PC All the better, as I guarantee you can find support online Here’s where to start:

Chances are, you will need RAM identical to the type which came with the PC You will also need to put the larger stick of RAM, memory-wise, into the lower numbered slot.

Being a gamer, just consider this one more belligerent alien to deal with before the big battle You'll do fine.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 9, 2003