Is it safe to delete Temp folders?


What is a TEMP folder,are the safe to delete it.And what happending after deleting?


This question was answered on January 10, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Temp folders are places where Windows stores files used in program installs They are places where all those graphics from web sites you don't want the boss to know about reside, and they are places where applications store backup information in the event of system crashes, which theoretically can be retrieved for purposes of recovery There are lots of other uses for Temp folders, but mostly they use disk space and clutter up your directory structure.

Is it safe to delete them?

"Safe" is a relative term Everything in life involves some degree of risk.

Yes, it is possible some lame developer built an application that stores critical files in a Temp folder, but it's unlikely.

Close out all applications and files before deleting any temp files This is also a good time to back up critical data on your hard drive, but what time isn't?

Most Temp folders will be regenerated if deleted entirely I prefer simply to empty them out It makes me feel better.

Temporary internet files are rarely missed, but if you rely heavily for some reason on a website which chooses to store a password which you forgot in a Temp folder, don't blame me

Least risky course to follow is to use the Disk Cleanup utility, which comes with Windows If it does damage, you have performed the equivalent of storing your Driver's License in the waste paper basket, and require little in the way of sympathy.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 10, 2003