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Why don't I have a browser title bar?


My title bar will not show up when I go into an internet address, so I don't have an X to close. I have checked my display settings and all are okay.


This question was answered on January 13, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Were I sitting at your machine, assuming you are using IE, these are the things I would do:

Check to see if the browser in full screen mode To toggle, press F11.

Is this happening all the time, or only in certain entertainment-oriented sites? Press control-alt-delete and close IE manually from the task manager Use alt-tab until the last desirable web page has been viewed, as this operation will close all instances of the IE browser.

As long as we are exploring the possibility of software-determined conditions associated with the problem, I would download a copy of AdAware from or from, and run it to see if there are any Spyware programs installed on the PC I would remove the suggested programs, as many of these utilities can cause problems, aside from watching and reporting every move a user on this PC may make on the internet, which could, in some cases, cause further problems.

It's always good advice, before installing any downloadable utilities from the Internet, to do a Google search on any files in question Files which request to be downloaded during daily Internet browsing should be closed out using the "X" in the browser window, once the "X" is restored Savvy web marketers can rename the Yes/No buttons

When investigating for Spyware, use the name of any downloadable program, along with the word "Spyware" as search criteria Where there is Spyware, there will be someone on the Net blowing the whistle on computerized parasites.

Next, I would run a virus scan of the system If everything comes up clean, I would suspect damaged files associated with IE.

I would next investigate the version of IE being employed In the likely event an update is desirable, I would download said update from Microsoft by clicking the Windows Update link.

I see by your profile, you are running a Hewlett Packard PC If the problem still persists, I would attempt to employ the restore disks in order to repair IE, then I would re-install Microsoft's current update as in the previous step.

Finally, I would purge the machine of any cookies and temporary Internet files, in the interest of good computer housekeeping.

I hope this helps with your situation.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 13, 2003