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How do I Delete a File Called Scrap?


I cannot delete a a file called scrap,usual methods do not work, how do I delete this permanently? Thanks, Jerry in Mesa, Arizona


This question was answered on January 13, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Every once in a while, I also run across a file which no amount of deleting seems to affect However, you may be experiencing a symptom of a bigger problem.

First, back up all valuable data on your hard drive to other media.

Do a virus scan to be certain there is no rogue software involved There is something called a “Scrap File Trojan”, descriptions of which can be found by searching This is most likely the cause of your problem

Read everything about the virus you can, as removal of these things can be difficult Sometimes, it’s best to reformat your system and reinstall everything Employing some quick research, I have found no practical instructions for deleting or uninstalling a scrap file virus It worms its way throughout your system, attacks your registry, and then quickly spreads through e-mail, potentially leaving you friendless.

If that doesn’t seem to be your problem, then forget about it That is, leave the file there Maybe, try moving it out of sight, then seeing if it reappears.

It could be there for legitimate reasons that have to do with another program A scrap is a file created when a PC user drags part of a Word or Excel document to the desktop

You might even delete it, then find the process involved in its creation keeps replacing the file If it seems related to a document, remove or replace that document, and see if the system lets you delete the scrap file

If you really have a hankerin' to relieve yourself of a file named "scrap", you may be working against something referred to as “file attributes” which can, among other things, keep files from being readily nuked under Windows.

First, right click Start, then click Explore You are now in Windows Explorer Navigate to the file, then right click on its listing Click properties, and see if a box named "Read Only" is checked.

If not, this is a REAL signal not to delete the file However if Read Only is indeed checked, uncheck the box and click OK Then try getting rid of the file.

If you still cannot delete the file, the system has decreed it so The cause can be hard to track down The file might even currently be in use

Try clicking "Hidden" in the above-mentioned dialog box You'll be in less danger of usurping a valuable program function, but probably will not actually see the file, which may serve a higher purpose.

One more thing I notice by your profile, you are using Windows 2000 If, per chance, you are using the Administrator account for daily use, create a limited account Many viruses seek to take over your PC by taking advantage of Administrative Privileges.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 13, 2003