Why does my PC hang-up instead of boot?



please help my computer will not boot the o/s, the computer turns on i have power the monitor also works the problem is when its turned on it stops on a black screen saying

phoenix rom bios plus version 1.10.a02

copright 1985 - 1988 phoenix tech ltd

copyright 1990 - 1966 dell computers corporation

all rights reserved.

s3 trio+ enhanced video bios version 1.03-02

copright 1996 s3 incorporated

dell systems optiplex gs+ 5133l

640k base 031744k extended memory

then nothing happens, can you help ?

Thank you


This question was answered on January 15, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Will the PC boot to a floppy disk?

If so, will it boot to Safe Mode from the hard drive? Press F8 repeatedly during boot to see if Safe Mode works.

You mention no hard drive error, so I am going to assume that is not your problem However, you may want to boot to a floppy with the hard drive unplugged anyway, just to see if the hard drive is causing problems, especially if the computer will not boot to Safe Mode.

If it does, I would head for the Device Manager under Control Panel > System and look for conflicts Start with the video, as this was the last thing to show up during boot before your system seized.

Here's Microsoft's guide to hardware/device driver troubleshooting:

support.microsoft.com/support/windows/ topics/hardware/hwddresctr.asp

If your computer will not start to Safe Mode, I would suspect a piece of hardware that might be stopping your PC cold Unplug all expansion cards, save for the video and see if you can get the machine to boot Be certain all remaining connectors are well inserted into their sockets (video card, too) Once again, see if you can boot to Safe Mode.

If your stripped-out PC will still not start, listen for Post Codes They are beeps, which point to hardware problems at startup Consult your manual to figure out what they mean, as they vary from one manufacturer to the next.

If none of the above produces any results, you may be in line for a trip to the shop.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 15, 2003