Why can't I readjust my Color Display?


my computer wont allow me to change the colour display, it tell me to restart in order for the colour to change but i doesnt change, wat can i do? plz help!


This question was answered on January 15, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

If by "colour display" you are indicating color resolution, perhaps your problem is one of perception.

Don't expect a lot of difference between color resolution settings.

I once worked for a company that produced driver chips for laptop displays Their drivers could display 24 bit resolution, while the competition was mired at 16 bit We never could locate a graphic which contained the very slight color gradients necessary to demonstrate the difference The application engineers finally faked it by switching between pictures of entirely different quality.

Anything above 256 colors will probably not be visible with typical Windows graphics.

If you really do have a problem that is readily visible, you may have to hunt for the exact drivers necessary for your particular video card Be cautious of tricked-out drivers developed by gamers, which can cause confusion to the average user Might be best to check the video card identification or FCC ID number, then do a search on Google.com for the most commonly recommended drivers, if you can't locate the original disk that came with the card.

Also, check the device manager (under Control Panel > System) for any reported problems

Here's Microsoft's guide to hardware/device manager troubleshooting:

support.microsoft.com/support/windows/ topics/hardware/hwddresctr.asp


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 15, 2003