Where are my Desktop Icons Going?


I tried to create a short-cut to microsoft works and put it on my desktop. I did it, but it replaced several of my other files and programs. So my question is this: Why did that happen and how do I fix it???????????


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OK, sounds like trouble

Check the recycle bin Anything in there?

Next, back up all the data on your PC to floppies or other media.

Perform a virus scan on your PC.

If everything turns up clean, and if I interpret the question correctly, the files that were stored on the desktop may be lost Make it a practice to save files in the "My Documents" folder The desktop is just that - a place to put organizational tools So your documents (unless the missing icons only indicate shortcuts to documents) might be lost

Just to be sure, do a basic search for your documents, using the "Find" function located in your WIndows 95 Start Menu.

Here's a nicely illustrated web page, which explains the search process:

www.spacelink.com.au/support/ misc/finding_lost_files.htm

Right click on the desktop, then click "Line up Icons" just in case any icons are hiding underneath one another.

Recreate missing shortcuts by right clicking on the executable file in Explore (a right click of the Start button), then clicking "Create Shortcut" Another method is by holding down the "Ctrl" key, then dragging a shortcut from another location (like your Programs menu) to the desktop Holding down the "Ctrl" key makes an instant copy and drags it to any desired location.

What exactly happened in the first place, I cannot say These computers have a nasty habit of doing just what we tell them to do, whether we mean to or not.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 15, 2003