I can I repartition a hard drive.


simply put. this is a custom built computer. When the builder constructed the computer, they seperated the C drive into 3 seperate drives. Now I need more disc space and need the drives to be put back together. C, D, E drives respectfully. Each was only left with little disk space.


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There is a program called Partition Magic, which claims to allow you to "separate data files, operating systems, applications, games, and downloads by creating and resizing partitions quickly and easily, without reformatting your hard drive or harming your data."

I have heard it recommended many times, and never heard of it destroying anyone's data Just the same, they recommend backing up all data on the hard drive before using it.

Details can be found at: http://www.powerquest.com/partitionmagic/

A used PC probably has more problems and junk cluttering up the hard disk than you imagine I would go through the drive thoroughly, and snoop around for any leftover data, then fdisk the drive and reinstall everything Install a second drive, if you need more space

Search Google.com using “Windows 98 Clean Install” as the search criteria Many websites describe the process.

It's good practice to reformat and reinstall everything on a hard drive every two to three years, regardless It saves a lot of problems, fixes even more, and causes the PC to run pretty-much like new It may seem tedious, but so is troubleshooting problems that may have been caused even before you owned the computer.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 15, 2003