Why can't I immediately recycle my CPU power?



I've had this problem since a year ago. My desktop cannot start up immediately after I have switch it off. Often, i have to wait from 5minutes to an hour before i can start it up again. The situation is weird as the computer starts up normally when it works, but when i swittch it off and immediately on it again, though the CPU is switched on, but the monitor will stay in the standby mode and not 'light' up. I also did not hear the beep sound from my CPU when such situation occurs. Please help.

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This question was answered on January 16, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I have to suspect the power supply, or perhaps the CPU fan A badly installed heat sink on the processor may be the problem The heat sink grease or pad must be replaced if the heat sink is removed from the processor for any reason.

Another thing might be the CPU isn't receiving sufficient airflow Accumulated heat can build up, or fails to be blown away from the processor when the PC is shut down Try a desk fan blowing into the open case and see if it helps the problem Dust out the inside of the case, especially around the processor, with a can of compressed air available at electronics and office supply stores for such purposes.

Some BIOS setups are selectable, to prevent overheating Consult your manual.

Don't put your CPU into one of those desk system cubbyholes, or wedge it into a corner Install an auxiliary case fan, if you have the case cutout to do so

Route the drive cables so they do not impede airflow inside the case.

Aside from the above, intermittent problems are difficult to troubleshoot, and as this is one which may require additional repair parts, it might be best to take the PC in to a repair facility.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 16, 2003