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What about those .eml attachments?


I have lately been receiving email with attachments with a .eml and .email extension. I can't seem to open them. I usually save my attachment downloads to a Misc. folder and open them later. This extension just doesn't want to open. Any ideas?


This question was answered on January 16, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Be afraid Be very afraid.

Copy all valuable data from your PC to floppies, or other disks.

These emails are listed as symptomatic of the nimda virus, which has been given the honor of "The Nastiest Computer Virus in the Whole World."

The rule of thumb is "Don't open e-mail attachments!"

I can't tell if you've been infected, so run a virus scan to find out.

Symantec has posted a tool to remove infections caused by [email protected] Visit[email protected]mm.html

to learn more.

If the tool does not work, do a search on the virus, study hard, then put aside a few free weekends in order to save current hard drive settings Otherwise, the advice I am reading is, completely fdisk and reformat your hard drive, then do a clean install of everything on your machine This is the shortcut method.

Nobody likes to be infected by a killer worm However, I, like many others have learned the hard way Consider it an opportunity to reorganize all the files and programs on your computer My PC has never run better than it has since I rid myself of my own virulent worm.

In the happy event that your virus scan comes up clean, delete any saved or future file attachments.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 16, 2003