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How can I upload good-looking graphics to eBay?


I loaded some photos to my computer with no problems,then I went to upload to ebay

auctions,they loaded ok but when I came to preview them all I could see was a mass of

coloured dots on a grey background very similar to the type of picture you stare at until

an image appears,now when I go to any site that has jpeg images on it will only display

them as described above.Would be grateful for any suggestions you have.Thanks



This question was answered on January 17, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I have never seen graphics displayed on a PC in the terms you describe It might be time for a trip to the shop The only thing I can think of, is you somehow reset your video card's color resolution Right click on the desktop, click properties, then settings Adjust the color palette to at least 256 colors or more.

If it's not adjustable, access the Device Manager under Control Panel > System Maybe you have a device conflict.

Possibly, you have a corrupt video driver Uninstall the card, then reinstall the driver from the original driver disk which came with your video card, or else identify the card and download the most preferred drivers you can determine.

You may have to use the FCC ID number printed on the video card to identify a really generic card.

Use caution not to download some of the tricked-out video drivers developed by the gaming community for certain cards They can cause problems.

Resolution and picture format are the only two considerations when placing pictures on e-bay Most modern digital cameras can record image resolutions way too detailed for the web to handle.

One goofy friend of mine took some pictures of me for a business card The files came in at about 300K each Seeing that, I reminded him "Business card, not billboard!"

Keep your file sizes down to about 5 to 50K, and only use .jpg and .gif formats. explains it in a little more detail Download the sample graphic, load it into your image viewer, note the properties, then try for something similar.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 17, 2003