Why won't my home-burned CD's play in my car?


Have my hard drive connected to IDE 1, on it's own cable.

Have my CD Writer hooked up to IDE 2, on it's own cable.

I've taken MP3's from a disc, and placed on my hard drive...I went through them all and "unchecked" the Read-Only box in properties...

Using the HP CD software included with the player, I attempted to burn these MP3's into and Audio CD for my car...

The CD plays, but it literally sounds as if the player wrote every other second of every song...it almost sounds like someone was fast forwarding as you heard the music...

I have a very fresh install of 98, and hardly anything on the harddrive...nothing is running, even in the taskbar...

The write speed was 8...

Any ideas? I'll never have enough guests over to use the amount of coasters I've created...

I'm not sure if there is software out there (Nero or equiv) that may do a better job and burning...???

I'm sure (right) that it has something to do with this god awful buffer underrun...?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!!


This question was answered on January 17, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You want the real solution? See if burning a CD on a different PC will allow you to play the music in your car If it does, buy a new burner.

I assume you are converting the file format, or else you have a fairly high-end car stereo CD player that can play MP3's.

Try burning at a slower speed This may seem impossible, as your HP Writer may already be very slow, but doing this may produce a more definite image on the disk.

There are tons of minor incompatibilities between CD Writers and players, but newer units have fewer problems than older ones Any writer more than a year and a half old may be subject to these bugs, along with added negative effects caused by dirt and aging It could be a minor incompatibility problem with your car stereo, as well The environment in an automobile is not conducive to healthy CD's, or CD players; especially the home-burned kind of CD's If the CD in question was ever left in the sun, it could have been affected adversely by the experience.

You probably got Adaptec software with your burner I prefer Nero, but installing more than one CD burning program on a PC at any given time can cause problems If you install them both, don't be surprised if one, or neither of the programs work Uninstalling one may break the other.

Keep playing mix-and-match However, if you call tech support regarding any CD Writer, they will almost certainly insist you have the original software installed on your PC before they will assist you with any problems.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 17, 2003