Why do I have so many device conflicts?



i bought a new logitech optical wheel mouse the other day. i was hoping to use this in 1 of my usb ports but while installing i couldnt get it to work on the usb port, so i installed it in the ps/2 port and installed the logitech mouseware 9.42.1 drivers, which i down graded from the mouseware version 9.73, as i thought this might not be the correct version.

the mouse worked fine at that time but i wanted to try and get it working on the usb. so a couple of days later i tried again to get the mouse working on the usb, at first i only got the movement working without the buttons.

i then reinstalled the 9.73 mouse ware version and it seemed to now work fine.

a short while after i noticed that the mouse pointer was changing from the normal pointer to the 'working' pointer every second. i as found my computer to be running very slow and was quite 'laggy'. i saw a huge performace drop when running a game that is usualy fine. i am running a AMD althlon 1500 .i thought this might be a problem with windows 98 second editions usb support and decied i would settle for using the ps/2 port.

i turned off my computer and took the mouse out of the usb and put the adapter on and plugged it in to the ps/2 port. i rebooted and while loading windows i got the message "while initilizing CONFIGMG. windows protection error. restart computer.." etc.

i shut down and plugged the mouse back into the usb port, and booted up into windows ok, execpt that the problem of the computer being very slow and the mouse pointer changing still existed.

i tried a number of things such as uninstalling the mouse drivers, going into safe mode etc. i finally managed to delete all mouse drivers while in safe mode and was able to boot into windows with the mouse attached in the ps/2 port.

i also installed the most basic mouse driver i could find.

this is now my current state.

i have the mouse in the ps/2 port , with some basic drivers.

the mouse pointer still changes to its 'working' mode and the computer is very slow, laggy and prone to crashing if i do too much at once.

before this all happend i had a 'sleep' problem after boot up, where my computer would go into sleep mode before finishing to load windows. i could bring the compuer out of sleep mode using the sleep button on my keyboard, even though i have not got the drivers for my keyboard installed, which i once did.

i have spoken to some people about the sleep problem and they said it was to do with power management. i have tried differet settings for that an it remains the same. As i say im not sure if this problem is related

i also use a usb mass storeage device / pen drive on this computer which required drivers to be installed for it.

i also had a steering wheel pluged in to the usb port, which i hardy ever used, but didnt experence problems with. this is now unplugged and not being used.

i hope u can help as im not quite sure what the problem is any more, seeing as the mouse seems to now work on the ps/2 port and i dont get the error while booting up.

i have tried looking on the net but am not sure what catogory this falls into.

Also while reading some of your Q and A, i found the page http://www.computerproblems.com/questions/question.cfm?id=3057

i have also suffered from exactly what the question describes, where for just a couple of seconds the mouse takes on a life of its own. clicling about the place and moving around.

i was using a logitech mouse at the time and i can say that it has noting to do with a dirty mouse or device conflict. i found that updrading to the latest version on the mouse drivers is the best thing to do, and would recommend that above all else.

Really stuck here. plz help.


Chris Rhodes


This question was answered on January 17, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I have never had any use for mouse or keyboard drivers under Windows Same goes for software included with monitors I would uninstall them I'd also uninstall the drivers for the steering wheel, then unplug the thing, at least for the time-being.

Backup any worthwhile date on the machine to floppy disks or other media.

Disable any screen saver, or power management settings Don't turn them on again until you have no other issues with your PC Uninstall any third party screen savers or mouse pointer programs Use the utilities that come with Windows.

You obviously have quite a few games installed on the computer Anything can happen with games Sometimes they even come with identically named files and conflicting routines, which can turn an otherwise great machine into a piece of useless hardware.

Actually, things seem so balled up; I would wipe the hard drive and reinstall everything I know this seems tedious, but there have been so many changes made to the system, questionable drivers, unnecessary drivers, and uninstalls done to an otherwise awesome PC, that it’s time to comb things out The computer will work like new if things are set up carefully Consider it an opportunity I have reinstalled everything on my own PC following a recent virus invasion, and the results have been very rewarding.

Install one device or program (especially games) at a time Wait a couple of days between installations Work with the PC in the meantime, and resolve any anomalies before installing anything further Install a good antivirus program, and keep it updated Online activities like gaming make a person a sitting duck for viruses.

Always reboot after installing any new software

A computer like this one, carefully configured, can destroy more aliens per session than Captain Kirk ever dreamed of.


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Posted by Robert of Mesa Community College on January 17, 2003