Just need to share files using Windows 98


How do I file share with our other computer. Both computers are Data Doctor's constructed, prior to change from ISP @home to Cox, and prior to Data Doctors upgrading both computers we shared files no problem.

At the time of the @home installation, the Cox installer set up the file sharing, actually the whole computer sharing option.

We have 2 separate internet/e-mail cox accounts fed by one line into a linksys 5 port hub with eithernert connections.

If it worked prior to the change and upgrades, why can't I get it to work now. Have gone through the 98 manual and help screens and still can't get it done.

Don't think I need a router or anything new. Just need to share files.

I looked at your $399 special and that is way too much. We would gladly pay a nominal fee for someone to come to our home and get us set up.

Many, Many CUDOS to Steve at the Tatum store. He has done a super job on both of our computers especially pleasing us fixing and upgrading our computers. We can't thank him too much.

Sincerely, Bill and Barbie Erickson

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This question was answered on March 11, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Do the following to acheive your goal

Right click on Network Neighborhood and select properties

Click on the add button and select services then click on add

Select File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, then hit okay

Insert your Windows 95/98 disk if you are asked to When it finishes installing do NOT reboot your computer

Go back to your Network Properties and click on the identification tab

Now enter a unique name where is says computer name, this is what your computer will be called on Network Neighborhood

Now enter a workgroup name, this the workgroup that your computer will appear under on

Network Neighborhood

Click okay and reboot your computer When it restarts FPS should be all set up

Also try the following:

Open your network properties, select "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks", and click Properties

Check the box labeled "I want to share my files." If you plan on sharing your printer, that option can also be selected at this time

Click "Okay" and a dialog should appear asking you to reboot your computer Select "Yes" and allow your computer to reboot

Once your computer has rebooted, open "My Computer" and go to the file or folder you wish to share

Right-click that file and select "Sharing"

Select the "Shared As" option

For the Share Name field, enter the name you want to be seen for that file or folder on Network Neighborhood

Select the type of access with which you wish to share the file or folder ("Read-only" allows other users to download the file "Full" access allows someone to read the file or folder, write to the file or folder, or delete the file or folder entirely "Depends on Password" allows you to give different levels of access to the file or folder.)

A password should be entered for everything you share, especially if you allow Full access If you selected "Depends on Password", you will have to specify two different passwords, one for Read-only access and one for Full access

Once you click "Okay", a small hand should appear on the file or folder that you share This indicates that the item is shared

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Posted by Felix of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 11, 2003