What is the problem with the monitor?


On afternoon about a month ago I went to reboot my computer and it started to go through the motions as it normally would. At the point where the computer does it's switch over from going down to coming backup the monitor light goes from 'green' to 'orange' and that's where it stays. Monitor stays off. If I hit the reset button or shut the computer off completely and power it back on the computer seems to start working away but the monitor light stays 'orange' and won't switch back to green and come on. The only thing I find that I can do is power the computer off (I always turn off the power on the back of the power supply too) and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes and then come back to it, flick the power switch to 'ON' on the power supply and then power on the computer. At this point the computer boots up like nothing happened.

I have swapped out the video card for my old one and changed the power supply ($56.00, it was getting old anyway) and still this problem seems to haunt me. The processor fan is running for both the CPU and the Video Card's processor.

Right after I submit this question I'm going to go over and put on a 'Fresh' install of Win XP professional (just bought it as I was using Win 98) as I just can't sit idle. This problem is driving me crazy. Please help!

PS: When answering this question assume that installing the new OS didn't work and that the same problem is as it was before. *Reboot- monitor shuts off*


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Computer needs a new monitor.

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Posted by Anne of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on January 31, 2003