How to rest your settings?


My dialler has developed a problem in that when I attempt to connect to my 24/7 ISP I get an error 775 message that the remote computer blocked the call. This cannot be so because it happens before dialling and even happens when the line is disconnected.

I've tried deleting the connection and setting up a new one with a different name, but it still happens, however if I change the number to say a pay as you go number, all is well.

In desperation, I cancelled my subscription and signed on to another 24/7 ISP. All was fine and dandy for three days and then the problem's back.

Are there any dialling configuration details anywhere other than the obvious dialler settings, for instance in the registry (scary stuff for me) or an ini file somewhere. I run XP.

My teenage son frequents some unsavoury sites and some time ago I got BT to block premium numbers beginning 09, could he have acquired something nasty from his wanderings?

Please help, I feel my only other alternative is a complete windows re-installation. Many Thanks Bob


This question was answered on March 6, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You can do what they call a Launch System Restore is is safe and you dont have to config anthing the computer will do it for you go to start , run then type in MSCONFIG and then follow the steps, then when the calander pops up pick a date that you now when the computer was working fine annd the let the programs run, then restart your computer so the setting will go into affect.

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Posted by linda of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 6, 2003