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I upgraded window me to window xp and lots of problems occured why and how can I fix them?


Gateway restarted and upgraded ME to XP.

Following problem exists "only" when trying to logon to juno web or e-mail:

1} get popup "Window installer" MW 2000 SR-1 [the feature yopu are trying to use is on CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available].

2} When I click cancel I get another window "The file MW2000" is not a valid installation pkg for the MW2000 SR-1. Try to find the installation pkg 'DATAl.MSl' in a folder which you can install etc.

3} Next window "the path to MW2000 SR-1 cannot be found. Verify that you have access to this location & try again or try (see 2 above for balance of window)

4} Error 1706 no valid source could be found for product MW2000 SR-1 the windows installer cannot continue.

In the meantime juno has come up and I can log on. I need to click cancel on all these windows to get them off the screen.

Any suggestions? How can I find out what this is or if it is necessary and/or get it removed. I also have a laptop which came with XP installed and do not have this problem.

I DO NOT have Ourlook Express.

Henry Falk


This question was answered on February 4, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

If you are upgrading from Windows Me to Windows XP, I advise that you perform a clean install of the new operating system, rather than an upgrade install By performing a clean install, instead of an upgrade install, you will insure that various Windows version-specific printer drivers, browser plug-ins, COM modules, configuration files, and registry entries - of which the Windows XP upgrade installer has no knowledge - are appropriately modified

To correctly perform a clean install, we advise the following steps:

Back up all data prior to migrating to Windows XP (assuming your data is stored on the same disk partition as the operating system)

Perform a clean install of Windows XP

Perform a complete reinstallation of all Adobe drivers, fonts, and applications

Restore data as necessary

Note that installation of applications on a partition other than the one used by Windows 98 or Me does not remove the need to reinstall such software after installing Windows XP

While it is not recommended, if you wish to perform an upgrade install from Windows 98 or Me to Windows XP, you should first uninstall any Adobe drivers, fonts, and applications prior to performing the upgrade Once your system has been successfully upgraded to Windows XP, you can reinstall your Adobe drivers, fonts, and applications

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Posted by Ileen of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 4, 2003