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My roommate and I have our PCs connected via a residential gateway to a cable modem. His OS is Windows ME, mine is Windows XP. Recently, he asked me to speed his computer up, so I uninstalled a bunch of junk programs. It runs faster now, except there's one problem - his internet will not work, whereas mine will. I have spent several hours ensuring the network settings and internet settings are properly configured, ensuring connections are good. In other words, I've tried all the obvious stuff and exhausted the Microsoft knowledge base. His computer can ping mine and the residential gateway, but will not recognize any other host on the internet. I tried reinstalling all the TCP/IP protocols, reseting the modem and gateway, etc. I know this is not just an Internet Explorer issue because no other internet functions work either. For some reason his computer has no restore points, and I'm reluctant to restage it (re-install windows) due to the complications that action could result in. If you could shed any light on this problem it would be greatly appreciated.


This question was answered on February 5, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Ok, I know there might be another way to do this, but what you can do in the mean time is go to start > programs > accessories > system tools and click system restore and choose a previous date that you know the computer was able to connect to the internet Then check all of your network settings and your internet options settings, and also check your security settings Before optimizing your system for faster speed, always do a disk defrag and a disk cleanup first before you download something off the internet that claims to speed up your computer and definitely upgrade your memory that will always do the trick.

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Posted by Eugene of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 5, 2003