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It's a virus


I've been receiving the [email protected] virus from an unknown source since sometime in Nov. Although Norton keeps stopping it from entering my system, It's getting extremely annoying. I've traced the IP address to address. Since this is a road runner address I've been forwarding road runner's abuse dept. the e-mail with the message info pasted into it almost on a daily basis since Dec.23. I've also e-mailed the sender and told them they have a problem and have asked to be removed from their address book. I have tried to set up blocks for this in outlook express but klez never uses the same address in the from field. Since it seems that road runner doesn't care about stopping the spread of viruses. I am curious as to what my next step would be. Is there a law enforcement agency or any place that I can send this to? My ISP says they can't do anything unless the person is using adelphia.

Thanks in advance Mark Hopper


This question was answered on February 13, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.


This worm searches the Windows address book, the ICQ database, and local files for email addresses It sends an email message to these addresses with itself as an attachment The worm contains its own SMTP engine and attempts to guess at available SMTP servers

For example, if the worm encounters the address [email protected], it attempts to send email via the server

The subject line, message bodies, and attachment file names are random The From address is randomly chosen from email addresses that the worm finds on the infected computer.

There is something you can do, call the cable company and and get in touch with public relations dept and they will take care of this problem with the subscriber.There's nothing the law will do, it's a virus

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Posted by Eugene of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 13, 2003