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My computer was working fine until last yesterday night. I went to swtich it back on again (after about 2 hours of previously working on the computer) and all that happens is the power lights come on. The monitor displays 'no signal input' and the tower does not appear to load anything. The only function that works on the computer is holding down the power button and the computer swtiches itself off; even the reset button does nothing.


This question was answered on February 10, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.


No Input Signal message.


This issue can be caused by any of the following possibilities:

Monitor not connected properly

Bad hardware


Monitor not connected properly

Verify that the monitor is properly connected in the back of the monitor as well as to the back of the computer.

If the monitor appears to be connected properly, verify that a cable is not loose by disconnecting all cables that can be disconnected in the back of the monitor (generally the data cable cannot be disconnected) Next, disconnect the data cable connected to the back of the computer and then reconnect the cable When connecting the cable in the back of the computer ensure the cable connection is tight Most Computers will also have screws ends that can be screwed in to hold the connector in place.

Bad hardware

If the connections appear to be correct unfortunately it is likely that either the monitor or the computer video card is bad To test which component is bad either connect a different monitor to your computer Or connect your monitor to a different computer.

If another monitor works on your computer it is likely a bad monitor

If your monitor works on another computer it is likely a bad video card

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Posted by Freddy of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 10, 2003