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I can't change my display setting. I've tried, but it stays in 16 bit/640-480 even after restarting computer. Please HELP!!!!


This question was answered on February 12, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I talked to the people at Trident Microsystems and cleared up a few things you should know about This company no longer produces video cards Many years ago they did put out a couple of them, such as the popular Trident VGA 8900 But this card is totally out of date If you are having troubles with it, your best bet is to buy something newer The drivers for it are available for it on their site, under Drivers

What happens today is that Trident Microsystems builds the little chip that goes onto the video card and does all the real work This is why there are so many "trident" video cards out there Anyone using these chips calls themselves a "trident" video card But these cards are NOT made by Trident Microsystems However, any card that uses these Trident chips should work with the Trident software drivers.

If you are having troubles with your card you basically have two options These options depend on whether you have a hardware or software problem A software problem means that you are using the wrong drivers Easy to fix Check out the links on this page and find the correct drivers The second problem is more serious If your card just simply does not seem to be working, then you should contact whoever sold you that card and get a replacement

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Posted by Eugene of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 12, 2003