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Fonts supploed with XP

Posted By : Eugene of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 27, 2003

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I have windows xp and I would like to know what fonts have to be left alone and not removed

when clean out the font folder ?

This question was answered on February 27, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Fonts supplied with Windows XP

font file font name

ahronbd.ttf Aharoni Bold

andlso.ttf Andalus

angsa.ttf Angsana New

angsab.ttf Angsana New Bold

angsaz.ttf Angsana New Bold Italic

angsai.ttf Angsana New Italic

angsau.ttf AngsanaUPC

angsaub.ttf AngsanaUPC Bold

angsauz.ttf AngsanaUPC Bold Italic

angsaui.ttf AngsanaUPC Italic

artro.ttf Arabic Transparent

artrbdo.ttf Arabic Transparent Bold

arial.ttf Arial

ariblk.ttf Arial Black

arialbd.ttf Arial Bold

arialbi.ttf Arial Bold Italic

ariali.ttf Arial Italic

browa.ttf Browallia New

browab.ttf Browallia New Bold

browaz.ttf Browallia New Bold Italic

browai.ttf Browallia New Italic

browau.ttf BrowalliaUPC

browaub.ttf BrowalliaUPC Bold

browauz.ttf BrowalliaUPC Bold Italic

browaui.ttf BrowalliaUPC Italic

comic.ttf Comic Sans MS

comicbd.ttf Comic Sans MS Bold

cordia.ttf Cordia New

cordiab.ttf Cordia New Bold

cordiaz.ttf Cordia New Bold Italic

cordiai.ttf Cordia New Italic

cordiau.ttf CordiaUPC

cordiaub.ttf CordiaUPC Bold

cordiauz.ttf CordiaUPC Bold Italic

cordiaui.ttf CordiaUPC Italic

cour.ttf Courier New

courbd.ttf Courier New Bold

courbi.ttf Courier New Bold Italic

couri.ttf Courier New Italic

david.ttf David

davidbd.ttf David Bold

davidtr.ttf David Transparent

upcdl.ttf DilleniaUPC

upcdb.ttf DilleniaUPC Bold

upcdbi.ttf DilleniaUPC Bold Italic

upcdi.ttf DilleniaUPC Italic

estre.ttf Estrangelo Edessa

upcel.ttf EucrosiaUPC

upceb.ttf EucrosiaUPC Bold

upcebi.ttf EucrosiaUPC Bold Italic

upcei.ttf EucrosiaUPC Italic

mriamfx.ttf Fixed Miriam Transparent

framd.ttf Franklin Gothic Medium

framdit.ttf Franklin Gothic Medium Italic

frank.ttf FrankRuehl

upcfl.ttf FreesiaUPC

upcfb.ttf FreesiaUPC Bold

upcfbi.ttf FreesiaUPC Bold Italic

upcfi.ttf FreesiaUPC Italic

gautami.ttf Gautami

georgia.ttf Georgia

georgiab.ttf Georgia Bold

georgiaz.ttf Georgia Bold Italic

georgiai.ttf Georgia Italic

impact.ttf Impact

upcil.ttf IrisUPC

upcib.ttf IrisUPC Bold

upcibi.ttf IrisUPC Bold Italic

upcii.ttf IrisUPC Italic

upcjl.ttf JasmineUPC

upcjb.ttf JasmineUPC Bold

upcjbi.ttf JasmineUPC Bold Italic

upcji.ttf JasmineUPC Italic

upckl.ttf KodchiangUPC

upckb.ttf KodchiangUPC Bold

upckbi.ttf KodchiangUPC Bold Italic

upcki.ttf KodchiangUPC Italic

latha.ttf Latha

lvnm.ttf Levenim MT

lvnmbd.ttf Levenim MT Bold

upcll.ttf LilyUPC

upclb.ttf LilyUPC Bold

upclbi.ttf LilyUPC Bold Italic

upcli.ttf LilyUPC Italic

lucon.ttf Lucida Console

l_10646.ttf Lucida Sans Unicode

mangal.ttf Mangal

marlett.ttf Marlett

micross.ttf Microsoft Sans Serif

mriam.ttf Miriam

mriamc.ttf Miriam Fixed

mriamtr.ttf Miriam Transparent

mvboli.ttf MV Boli

nrkis.ttf Narkisim

pala.ttf Palatino Linotype

palab.ttf Palatino Linotype Bold

palabi.ttf Palatino Linotype Bold Italic

palai.ttf Palatino Linotype Italic

raavi.ttf Raavi

rod.ttf Rod

rodtr.ttf Rod Transparent

shruti.ttf Shruti

simpo.ttf Simplified Arabic

simpbdo.ttf Simplified Arabic Bold

simpfxo.ttf Simplified Arabic Fixed

sylfaen.ttf Sylfaen

symbol.ttf Symbol

tahoma.ttf Tahoma

tahomabd.ttf Tahoma Bold

times.ttf Times New Roman

timesbd.ttf Times New Roman Bold

timesbi.ttf Times New Roman Bold Italic

timesi.ttf Times New Roman Italic

trado.ttf Traditional Arabic

tradbdo.ttf Traditional Arabic Bold

trebuc.ttf Trebuchet MS

trebucbd.ttf Trebuchet MS Bold

trebucbi.ttf Trebuchet MS Bold Italic

trebucit.ttf Trebuchet MS Italic

tunga.ttf Tunga

verdana.ttf Verdana

verdanab.ttf Verdana Bold

verdanaz.ttf Verdana Bold Italic

verdanai.ttf Verdana Italic

webdings.ttf Webdings

wingding.ttf Wingdings

simhei.ttf SimHei

simfang.ttf FangSong_GB2312

kaiu.ttf DFKai-SB

simkai.ttf KaiTi_GB2312

msgothic.ttc MS Gothic

msmincho.ttc MS Mincho

gulim.ttc Gulim

mingliu.ttc Mingliu

simsun.ttc Simsun

batang.ttc Batang

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Posted by Eugene of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 27, 2003

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