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When I ctr alt del to end tasks I don't see systray, but I have a systray on my desktop?

Also I had a TDK CD-Rom burner drive installed but I can't use it to do system backup or write a backup file from Turbo Tax.

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This question was answered on February 19, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

It could be a couple of things:

- services run in a different security context Most applications can usually bind to the system tray providing they are made interactive with the desktop and run as LocalSystem or the User you are logged in as

- some applications cannot bind to the system tray no matter what when run as a service

- some applications won't rebind to the system tray after a logoff/logon when run as a service

Depending on what application you are having problems with.

What you will probably find is happening is that when you are logged in and start the application - it has a system tray to bind to (and hence be displayed)

When you boot your machine there is no console session present nor a system tray - hence the application has nothing to bind to and fails

Even when you logon the application is not polling for the existence of a system tray in order to bind to it

There are a couple of other system tray applications out there that have this problem (and others that work perfectly!)

Perhaps a workaround it to write a little batch script and drop it in your Startup folder that does:


net stop <servicename>

net start <servicename>

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Posted by Enyenihi of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 19, 2003