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*I am not sure of all the Q's asked about my computer on previous page........

But I hope there's enough info for you to help me.

My hard drive (6GB's) is about dead. I want to have a new one installed with, of course, more GB's. I have gone to the site you recommended - Price Watch - but I am naive (ha-ha!) and confused as to the terms used. Is an EIDE compatable for my computer? Or do I need SCSI? Is USB an external drive? I don't want external. I also have a smaller hard drive, maybe 3 or 4 GB's, and am thinking of expanding on that one too.

The prices are amazing at Price Watch, so I can afford say, 100 GB"S. It seems the more GB's you get, the price gets better. So, I'd also like to upgrade my smaller drive. There was a recall on Western Digital, should I go with another brand for safety?

Can you explain these terms on the example below?


Ultra ATA 100


2M Buffer

8.9ms Ave

2MB Cache Bare Drive-oem

These terms have me confused - are higher #'s better, faster, etc. 5400RPM vs. 7200RPM


New factory sealed 100.0gb 7200RPM, Ultra ATA 100, 8.9ms Ave, 2MB Cache Bare Drive-oem- Manufacturer Warranty

Price: $99

MinOrder: 1

Ship 1 : $9.00 - 10.75 UPS ground commercial



This question was answered on February 24, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

An EIDE should be compatable with most systems (super old ones will have problems) Unless you really need storage space (mp3's, games, large files, videos) or do a lot of backing up (unlikely), don't waste your money on space you're not going to use If you are a moderate user: light application use, web, email, word processing, presentations, light gaming, etc you will probably be happier with a 20-40gb harddrive.

7200RPM (Rotations Per Minute)- How fast the plates (inside the hraddrive) rotate The higher the faster, the more expensive

UATA100/Ultra ATA 100 - transfer speed, don't remember what this one means, but should be the industry standard right now This is good.

2Mb Buffer/2Mb Cash - allocated space where the current program (process, or a part of something that is currently in use) is stored for faster access Pretty good.

8.9ms ave - Acdess time or seek time, related to speed (average time it takes to find something) Pretty avarage.

It shouldn't matter which brand you pick, but personally I recommend the WesternDigital (as they have great support and very intuitive tools).

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Posted by Alex of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 24, 2003