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Dear Data Doctors


Dear Data Doctors

At the same time, I upgraded to new laptop, Windows XP, and AOL 8.0. Since then, I have been dealing with a very frustrating problem when on the internet. The following occurs with both Windows Explorer and AOL. After entering a web address and loading the page, attempts at drilling down into subsequent pages results in the new window hanging up. I need to press stop then clear (X) the window before I can continue using the computer.


- Expedia - when attempting to book a flight and want to check the little calendar to determine the exact date of travel, the calendar window hangs up

- Looking at the Oakland Airport site, when selecting the option to see or print a map of the terminals, that new window hangs up

- BlinkPro - Used to manage my internet favorites - Opening the main screen (a listing of all my internet favorites goes without a hitch. However, when I choose to open one of my "favorite" sites, it hangs up. Ordinarily the web site should open in a new window.

Other diagnostic tidbits

- I'm on Cox Cable behind their firewall, whatever that means

- I ordinarily also use ZoneAlarm Pro, but this problem occurs when I disable it

- Cox mail and AOL mail work just fine

Help me before I harm my computer - I am trying to resist my computerocidal tendencies. I don't know if the problem is a bad choice in Internet Options, a defective Windows Internet Explorer, a problem with my machine interacting with your sponsor Cox Cable, or (most likely) something I have not considered. Do I need to bring it in (do you have Cox Cable at your shops?). I live in Scottsdale.

Thank you for your time. I try to catch your radio show as often as possible.

Rollie Erickson


This question was answered on March 11, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Zone Alarm Pro usually causes this kinda problems, what I suggest you do is disable zone alarm or uninstall it from your system.

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Posted by jose of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 11, 2003