Why i'm getting a weak ping?


I am trying to play red alert 2 yuri's revenge, on the internet, but keep receiving a weak ping which results in a slow connection, i have tryed pinging other servers and the ping is 0ms, so why is it showing 1000ms playing this game. i am on a network with this computer being the host........ any info would be much appreciated.


This question was answered on March 11, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

When you use the Ping utility to ping another computer by its NetBIOS name, the Ping utility may take a long time to return results


This behavior can occur when no Domain Name System (DNS) server is available on the network The Ping utility first queries DNS for a host name If no DNS server is available, the TCP/IP protocol will try the DNS query again Only after the DNS queries do not succeed will the Ping utility attempt to resolve the name by using the NetBIOS name resolution sequence

Windows NT %Sytemroot%\Sstem32\Drivers\Etc

Windows 95 <drive>\<Windows folder>

Windows for Workgroups <drive>\<Windows folder>

Windows 3.1 <drive>\<Windows folder>

MS-Client 3.0 <Boot volume>\Net

Lan Manager 2.2c Client <Boot volume>\Net

Troubleshooting steps:

If a client cannot resolve a host name, then it is best to verify the Host name resolution sequence listed above that the client should be using If the name does not exist in any of the resources that the client uses, then you must decide to which resource to add it If the name exists in one of the resources, such as a DNS server or a Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) server and the client is not resolving the name correctly, focus your attention on troubleshooting that specific resource.

Also, confirm that the client is trying to resolve a host name and not a NetBIOS name Many applications have multiple methods that they can utilize to resolve names, this is especially true of mail and database applications The application may be configured to connect to resources using NetBIOS Depending on the client configuration the client may bypass host name resolution From there it will be necessary to either change the connection type to TCP/IP sockets or to troubleshoot the problem as a NetBIOS issue.

Problem: Client resolves a name very slowly, or fails to resolve a name and takes a long time to report a failure.

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Posted by ricardo of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 11, 2003