Error loading device driver one or more network drives failed


I have tried several things to include the help troubleshooter. First problem was slow printing

(1 pg. 30 mins.) that's fixed friends said delete things. Might have caused my new problems?Then I tried to go on line. No dial tone, checked all phone lines etc. their fine. My modem can be checked with the computer,says it's fine. At one time got messages it wouldn't initialize, fixed it? It was sugggested to do a "recovery" now it won't take and or read?-and do that. When I start the computer it first says CD ROM drive installed SANYA CRD 256 PA Then windows 95 screen comes up then DOS stuff and it says "error loading device driver one or more network drives failed to load and unable to determine CD ROM drive error level is 100 A:/> My CD works fine I can run Program or software (I' not familiar with terms-learning) I can use Printmaster CD's now. I also have 3 new boxes Ive never seen before until trying to go on line, they are-one right away-for a password in a windows boxdon't know what to click on here. Two more when I shut down,at different times, Modem is not responding and modem in use do you really want to quit. I've been to properties and under the general tab somewhere-it said used space, free space, capacity and Drive D all listed 0 bytes beside them, is that normal? In System properties, device manager I saw that yellow circle with the exclamtion point it was by a COM port 3. Did the hardware conflict troubleshooter and restart doesn't work. Also saw Driver files-c:\windows\SYSTEM\serialui.dll and the same except serial.vxd. under that it says "this device is causing a resource conflict to resolve the conlict use hardware conflict troubleshooter in help code 12. ????Under somewhere else I found modem initilizing is okay.Under another system properties-general is list computer 15.0MB Ram I thought I had 16. Other spot says COM 1 28.8 Data Fax Modem. We bought this computer new, I don't understand alot of things, don't see how I could have a virus, is that it? I haven't been online or used, used software. At one time the phone use to ring throught the computer. I clicked the call center Icon at the bottom and it quit ringing. Have a turned the dail tone off? Everyone elses says no.HELP


This question was answered on March 18, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You are having a conflict with this device, go back into decice manager and disable this unit and restart your computer, do this for each device one at a time until you have resolve your conflict, you can also remove your modem and try another slot to change the IRQ settings for the COM 3 port.

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Posted by Eugene of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 18, 2003